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  1. iced


    Iced! The Illusionary Treatment Option

    Icing is wrong: Learn the fascinating story, scientific breakdown, alternative & how to lead others out of the ice age

    Author: Gary Reinl

    Foreword by Dr. Kelly Starrett

    165 pages

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  2. Poliquin Group 32oz Shaker Bottle

    Poliquin Group 32oz Shaker Bottle

    POLIQUIN GROUP™ BlenderBottle®



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  3. Poliquin Principles 3rd Edition

    Poliquin Principles 3rd Edition

    Information has grown exponentially since The Poliquin Principles was first published in 1997. There was valuable information in the original Poliquin Principles, but as information grew updated editions were needed. Specifically, new discoveries in nutrition and functional medicine have led to the development of more effective supplement protocols. This new edition is an e-Book.

    Every chapter of this 3rd edition of Poliquin Principles has been completely revised, updated, and expanded. The book is divided into two major sections: Section I defines the basic principles of resistance training, and Section II shows how to apply these principles to training major body parts.

    We know more today than ever. It’s been estimated that the amount of information doubles every 18 months, and we’ve had to adjust our theories within that same time frame. That’s why we decided it was time for this new edition of The Poliquin Principles.

    You will also receive 3-months training programs free with the Code in the Back of the book!

    This is in ePub Format (iBook).

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  4. Poliquin Principles Phase 1 Training

    Poliquin Principles Phase 1 Training

    Follow the Poliquin Principles with this first phase (3 months) program using Isometric Holds, Drop Sets and Post Fatigue Techniques.

    1) The Isometric Holds Program 16 training sessions divided into 4 workout cycles (Upper Body 1 & 2 and Lower Body 1 & 2).  This workout adds isometric holds at the bottom and top con-tracted positions. Holds at the bottom reduce elastic energy, causing the muscles to work harder. A pause at the contract-ed position increases the time the muscles are under tension and recruits additional motor units.

    2) The Drops Sets Program has 12 training sessions divided into 3 workout cycles (Upper Body, Arms, Lower Body).  Drop Sets produce greater micro trauma and increases the amount of time muscles are under tension.

    3) The Post Fatigue Program has 12 training sessions divided into 3 workout cycles (Upper Body, Arms, Lower Body).  This workout continues to expose muscles to a greater volume of work by first stressing the uscles with compound exercises and then continue working with an isolation exercise.

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