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Cardiovascular Support

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  1. Bergamot Max Px 2.0

    Bergamot Max Px 2.0

    Bergamot, a citrus fruit native to Southern Italy, is known for its unique profile of flavonoids and flavonoid glycosides. The potential benefits of Bergamot include support for blood glucose management, healthy cholesterol, and cardiovascular health. It also provides antioxidant properties and may be beneficial for those with metabolic syndrome.

    Bergamot Max Px 2.0 now contains artichoke extract and grape seed extract in addition to bergamot. This combination offers support for insulin management, weight management and cardiovascular health*.

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  2. CoQ 10

    CoQ10 Px 2.0

    CoQ10 Px 2.0 is Poliquin Group's proprietary, micro-emulsified, 100 mg CoQ10 for convenient higher dosing.

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  3. Perfect 10

    Perfect 10

    Perfect 10 is the more complete omega formula for heart health. In addition to the numerous health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids, Perfect 10 also features omega-7 which has been shown to help protect against metabolic syndrome*.  

    Researchers recently discovered that a certain kind of omega-7 called palmitoleic acid may help with several underlying factors relating to metabolic syndrome*. Many of these concerns are often addressed with various prescription drugs*.

    Research suggests that omega-7 palmitoleic acid supports healthy HDL, LDL, blood sugar, insulin resistance, inflammation, and body composition*.

    Perfect 10 delivers both omega-3 and omega-7 providing advanced support for cardiovascular and metabolic health*.

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  4. Taurine Product Photo


    Taurine is the most abundant amino acid in the heart. It helps support healthy cardiac rhythm, contraction, and helps support platelet aggregation levels that are already in normal range. Taurine provides greater support when it is added to other nutritional programs that support cardiac performance.

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