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  1. proflora excellence

    Proflora Excellence 2.0

    Proflora Excellence DF 2.0

    NOTE: Expiration Date is 10/19

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  2. Megabiotic-SP


    Probiotic & Antioxidant Combo - Maximum Strength

    Welcome to a whole new level of vibrant living. Megabiotic-SP contains five pharmaceutical grade spore-form probiotics. The patented HU36 strain is the first of its kind, carotenoid-producing probiotic that delivers highly absorbable antioxidants. Ask your doctor why microbial carotenoids are amongst the most important sources of powerful antioxidants*.

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  3. Proflora Chewables

    Proflora Chewables

    Proflora Chewables 60T

    NOTE: Expiration Date is 5/19

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  4. SB 1.0

    S.B. 1.0

    Benefits of S.B. 1.0 include:

    • Contains one of the most researched probiotics: Saccharomyces boulardii, a non-pathogenic yeast
    • Binds with unhealthy bacteria in GI tract to help excrete it
    • May help combat e coli, salmonella, C. DIF, and candida
    • Can boost immune system by 70%
    • Great for travelers
    • Can be used with a gut protocol and/or when there is an immune challenge
    • Great for use during antibiotic treatments

    NOTE: Expiration Date is 9/18

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